Marinade has updated its referral program to make it more interesting for partners and easier to understand and use.

In this new version, any partner will be able to add an additional fee to stake, deposit stake account and liquid-unstake operations. Those fees will be entirely and immediately redirected to the referrer wallet.

It will be possible to assign a different fee to each operation (stake, deposit stake account, unstake). There will be a maximum fee that you can set on each operation (0.5%). It will also be possible to choose to use the referral ID in your SDK integration without any added fees (0%), just for tracking purposes.

We will do this instead of the current calculation based on Marinade’s management fees, which we got extensive feedback that it made difficult for partners to know what their expected income was going to be.

If you want to participate to the referral program without having to integrate our SDK on your own app/website, we will also create an easy way to deploy a Marinade instance containing your referral ID, with a specific link to access it. Eg: “”

A) I already have a referral ID and am part of the referral program

Please answer in the TG/Discord group with the following info

You will need to provide us the fees you desire to add on (max 0.5%):

We already have your wallet for payment of the rewards but if you desire to change it, we’ll also need the new pubkey of the wallet you want to use.

With all this info, we will generate a new referral ID v2 for you as soon as the new referral program is available.